Magnatone Guitars!

New for Fall 2013, a complete guide to Magnatone guitars and the stories behind them!

1938-1960 Steel Guitars

1956-1963 Bigsby/Barth Era

1964-1966 Starstream Era


Lyric M-192-6-D

This is the M-192-6-D Lyric. It might have been the first Magna amp to use noval 12AX7's.

It was a powerful amplifier equipped with a large output transformer, two 6L6 power tubes, and a 5U4 rectifier.


It was a two channel amp, with a microphone input and volume and a two instrument inputs (high and low). Tone controls are treble and bass (most other Magnatones of this era had a single tone control).


6L6's, three 12Ax7's and a 5U4 rectifier.




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