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New for Fall 2013, a complete guide to Magnatone guitars and the stories behind them!

1938-1960 Steel Guitars

1956-1963 Bigsby/Barth Era

1964-1966 Starstream Era


Remote Speaker Cabinets

Magnatone also built "Remote Speaker" cabinets. These looked identical to the amplifier cabinets with the same grill cloth and emblems, sans amplifier chassis and control panels.



The earliest extension cabinet I've found reference to was in a partial 1955 Magnatone catalog: the Vibra-Amp Model 113 LN came with a remote speaker jack, so it is likely that a matching extension cabinet was available as well. In 1956, the 160 was paired with the No.15 1x15" extension cabinet. By 1959, the No. 12 1x12" cabinet was available and matched to the 190A, 213A, and 250A amplifiers. The No. 16 1x12" cabinet was available and matched to the 260A and 280A and came with a heavy duty speaker. Similar cabinets and designations were likely available in all years through early sixties.

Custom Series

The 1963 catalog listed an RS1 cabinet with a single 8" 14oz. magnet Oxford (same as the M10/M14/M15), and an RS2 cabinet with a single 15" 28oz. magnet speaker. These came with Royalite tops with integrated handles to match the amplifier. Several of the Custom Series amps had external speaker jacks.

These matching 8" speaker RS1 cabinets might have originally been paired with a stereo M15.


In late 1965, Magnatone sold pairs of 2x12" RS4 cabinets with the M20. The RS4 came with both red and black Royalite tops that matched the M20.
Also offered was the RS5 2x12" cabinet borrowed from the new Pro Series. Later, in 1966, when the Pro Series changed their cabinet designations to RS-12 and RS-15, the RS4 and RS5's were dropped and the M20 adopted the RS-12 and RS-15. (see Pro Series below).

Special thanks to George Nichols and Brunswick Amplifiers for providing this photograph.

Pro Series

Special thanks to Fred Corradi for the photos of this MP5 paired with an RS-6 2x-15" cabinet.


Pictured above is a Pro Series MP5 and a RS-6 extension cabinet. The RS-6 was a 2x15" cabinet that was paired with the MP4, MP5, and M20 amplifiers. Also pictured is an original D-2 dolly. The RS-6 was probably replaced by the RS-15.

The MP4 and MP5 were both "piggy back" amplifier heads. Magnatone made two cabinet options available, the 2x12" RS-12 and the 2x15" RS-15.

The RS-12 came with two C12 Jensens, weighted 48 lbs., and sized out at 22"x33"x12". The RS-15 was a behemoth, weighing in at 85 lbs. and stood 48" tall (48h"32"x12"). A large circular disc emblem was affixed to the front of the RS-15 and carried the Magnatone "M". It was turned at an angle so it would look right standing up or laying down (see pics).


Model Years Trim Configuration
RS1 1963-64 royalite black top, gold cloth 1x8"
RS2 1963-65 royalite black top, gold or silver cloth 1x12"
RS3 1963-65 royalite black top, gold or silver cloth 1x15"
RS4 1965 royalite black or red top, silver trim 2x12"
RS5 1965 Pro-Series 2x12"
RS6 1965 Pro-Series 2x15"
RS12 1966-67 Pro-Series 2x12"
RS15 1966-67 Pro-Series 2x15"



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