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Magnatone Custom M6

Special thanks to George Nichols and Brunswick Amplifiers for providing this photograph.


Years 1963½ - 1964
Series Custom Series
Channels two
Power 2x 7189A
Power Bias cathode
Preamp 7025, 7025 (1/2)
Phase Inverter 12AU7
Vibrato 12AU7, 7025 (1/2), 2 varistors
Speaker 12" 8ohm Oxford 12K5R-7
Rectifier solid state
Output 20-25 watts
List Price$275


The M6 was a two channel combo amplifier with the two varistor vibrato and a 12" Oxford speaker. there are two input channels, each with high and low gain input jacks. Each channel has a dedicated "Loudness" control and share a single "tone" control along with a three position "contour" switch. The preamp uses a 7025 tube and one section of another 7025. Vibrato has speed and depth controls and a foot switch jack.


Special thanks to George Nichols for these pictures.


The speaker is an 8ohm Oxford 12" AlNiCo (probably 8 ounce). The output transformer does not have ultra-linear taps like other 7189 Magnatone amps (M7, M10, etc).

The M6 was produced for a short time and was dropped from the catalog by 1965, perhaps due to the feature and speaker similarities it shares with the M8.





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