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1938-1960 Steel Guitars

1956-1963 Bigsby/Barth Era

1964-1966 Starstream Era


Magnatone Custom M4


Years 1963
Series Custom Series
Channels one
Power 2x 6GW8 (power and phase inverter)
Power Bias cathode
Preamp 7025
Vibrato 12AU7, (1/2) 7025, 2 varistor
Reverb 7025 (1/2)
Speaker 8" Oxford 3.2ohm
Output Trans 9k:3.2
Rectifier solid state
Output 12-15 watts

The M4 has simple volume and tone controls, reverb, and a F.M.Vibrato unit mated to a single 8" speaker. Vibrato has speed and depth controls and a footprint jack. Reverb has a depth control and a foot switch jack. This was the entry level model amp.

The M2 is almost an M4 without reverb, the M4 has an extra 7025 triode gain stage in the preamp.

Because the 6GW8 contains a power pentode and a triode in the same glass envelope, Magnatone could use the two triodes for a phase inverter and install one less 12AU7 in the amp, thus lowering the manufacturing cost of these entry level amplifiers.

The M4 might have been dropped from the catalog when the Starlite Series was released in 1964. The 431 is very similar to the M4.


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