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Magnatone Custom M13A Imperial

Special thanks to Red Rocks Amps for providing the M13A pictures of "Linda" found on this page.


Years 1965
Series Custom Series
Channels three
Power 2x 6CA7
Power Bias fixed bias
Preamp 2x 7025
Phase Inverter 7247
Vibrato 12DW7, 12AU7, 4 varistors
Reverb 7025 12AU7
Speaker 15" Jensen 8ohm
Rectifier solid state
Output Trans3.5K:8ohm and 4ohm
Output 45 watts (80W peak)
Weight 46 lbs. (1963)
Weight 58 lbs. (1965)
Height 23.25"
List Price $650
List Price $820 (Dual Imperial)

The M13A is a rare amp. It was only made for a short time in 1965 after it replaced M13. The most noticable change for the M13A was the switch to the silver trim motif (a change also carried out for the M7, M12, M10A, and M15A at about the same time). While early M13's came with 4 tweeter speakers to compliment the 15" Jensen, the M13A only had the single 15" Jensen.

The M13A would have appeared sometime in the spring of 1965 and was dropped later that year. The addition of the similar M20 in the fall of 1965 made the M13 somewhat redundant.

While the M13 was known as the "M13 Imperial", Magnatone also offered an "M13 Dual Imperial" which was an Imperial paired with the RS-2 15" matching extension cabinet.


Estey engineers James Evans and Maurice Varin designed a single chassis that made of the Custom Series amps could use. Notice the extra unused noval holes in the chassis.


Special thanks to Red Rock Amps for the pictures of this M13A.

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