Magnatone Guitars!

New for Fall 2013, a complete guide to Magnatone guitars and the stories behind them!

1938-1960 Steel Guitars

1956-1963 Bigsby/Barth Era

1964-1966 Starstream Era


Model No. 413

Years 1961-1963
Channels two
Tubes 7
Power 2x 6V6
Preamp 12AX7
Phase Inverter 12AX7
Vibrato 12AU7, 6AV6
Rectifier 5Y3 or 6CA4
Output 18 watts
Speakers 1x 12" 4ohm
Price $179.95
Weight 30 lbs.


The 413 is a continuation of the earlier 213A, and an even further continuation of the Troubadour style amp that sold well for Magnatone in the 1950s.

Estey also made these amplifiers for other brands. One such brand was Titano, who cleverly called them 314's.


Here's a 413 with incorrect knobs It appears to be missing the front trim.


  • 413 Schematic




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