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Magnatone Custom 210

Years 1959-1961
Series Custom 200 Series
Channels one
No. Tubes 4
Power 6V6GT
Power Bias cathode bias
Preamp 12AX7 (1/2)
Vibrato 12AU7, 12AX7 (1/2)
Speaker 1x 8" Oxford
Rectifier 5Y3GT
Output 5 watts
Weight 16 lbs.
Price $119.50 (1959)

This single channel amp was the replacement for the 108 Varsity, and was considered a "Deluxe Student model" amp. I'm not sure when the 210 was rolled out. Probably sometime in 1958-1959. This was one of the less expensive Magnatones at the time, only the 111 was less expensive ($60). Despite a competitive price (the Gibson GA-6 was $120 as well) the 210 is somewhat uncommon these days.

The 210 was a varistor based vibrato amplifier that created a pitch shift vibrato effect. It was the most basic Magnatone amp with this effect, and it was the only version that was a single ended amp. The 410 that followed in 1961 was nearly identical adding only a "bright switch" to the circuit.


The 1959 catalog shows the 210 to have a "V" emblem on the front.


Refer to either the 210 or 410 schematic. The 210 version is hand drawn by CJ Poulos, and the 410 is a Estey drawing of nearly the same circuit. Note that CJ's comments about the 6V6's cathode grounding is correct.




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