Magnatone Guitars!

New for Fall 2013, a complete guide to Magnatone guitars and the stories behind them!

1938-1960 Steel Guitars

1956-1963 Bigsby/Barth Era

1964-1966 Starstream Era


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This site is made available as a reference for Magnatone Amps. The main product of my research is The History of Magnatone Amplifiers and the short bios that go with it.

NEW!! For Fall 2013!: The history of Magnatone Guitars is now available on these three pages: hawaiian and steel, the Bigsby and early Barth years, and the starstream era.



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This site is not meant to be the final word on these great amps, please contact me with corrections or additional information that you feel would benefit the Internet community.

Furthermore, the strength of my knowledge about these amps is centered around the Custom Series amps. If you have useful information for any Magnatone amp to share with other Magnatone fans, Please contribute!!

Other Resources

If you can't find it here, have a look at Vibroworld's Magnatone website, Zack's collection of pictures, reference data is very impressive. Also, consider joining the Yahoo Magnatone/Valco mailinglist.


The spartan looks of the page are a throw back to 1994 when websites were readable above all else. The format is based on the fantastic Fender Field Guide.

Amplifier Models are listed at left, as are major topics and some details about components.

If I have a Schematic for a circuit, it is linked to at the bottom of the amp's page, or you will find it here.




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